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to but the country, indeed much of the world, mourns what has happened in this community. >> we were just hearing, wolf, lieutenant vance say this will probably be the last time we hear from him tonight but some of the latest things that he said, wolf that they still don't know the motive. they say that is going to come later. it is going to take them more time before they are able to talk about that and it is impossible to say how many shots were fired, wolf, but multiple high-cap pays the rounds, each magazine had about 30 shots and said hundreds of bullets at least. >> this connecticut state police lieutenant is doing an excellent job briefing us. he is being very precise on all of the details, he doesn't want to get ahead of the information that they have and so far, i have been very impressed. >> yes, ma'am to that point, they asked about nancy lanza, he says i don't know which gun she was shot with but does know it was the bushmaster the one used in the school, very specific and very careful so we know what we are getting is right. we are learning some new details about how the victims died
who have come to remember, to reflect, and they hope bring some comfort to those who are in mourning. >> you know, i don't know how i would behave, wolf. i'm sure you don't know how you would either in a situation like this. i have been pretty amazed at how quickly people have come together. when you think about robbie parker, this 30-year-old physician's assistant who lost his daughter emilie, i was, again, as i think so many people were, stunned and blown away by how forgiving he was, how compassionate he was, and how -- i mean accept eppsance is proba the wrong word but he had developed a plan to forgive and turn this tragedy into something that could be of comfort to families all over the country that may go through something like this, the loss of a child, wolf. >> yeah. there's nothing worse that any parent, anyone could endure than losing a child, and when we see the pictures of these little kids and we see their ages, we see their names, we appreciate -- i don't know if we could ever appreciate, but you begin to sense the enormity of the pain these parents and their loved one
to support the community. also, support our nation. we are a nation in mourning right now. >> i want to get to this tree you brought. this is your entire family that's here, right? these guys are with you, all of these folks that is your family. would you come over here and tell us about this tree, what you did. you said these are the names of what? >> the names of all the children, we put them on the snow flanlgs and added the battery-operated lights, rich did the lighting, he is an electrician by trade. we added the star and wanted something that would be representing everyone so we did the angels always with the children watching over them. we know that they are up there being guided and saved just like the teachers tried to do here that day. >> i see there are toys and teddy bears. i said my thinking is making sure, folks are making sure the kids have some toys for christmas up in heaven. >> yes, and we have already seen thousands of bags that they have told us about that have already left the area of toys and things that were represented here that have been -- being donated to local ho
of people all over the world are mourning for the people who were killed in connecticut. but there's a certain group of people in this country, a very small group, fortunately, that can associate in a way that most of us cannot imagine. these are people who know what it's like to be at school when a typical day turns into carnage. some of them are survivors of the columbine massacre 14 years ago, some of whom are now parents themselves. i spoke with one who's now a mom, casey johnson. >> you lose the sense that things could never happen to you. so many parents would say, this would never happen at my child's school. for me as a parent of a child, i believe this could easily happen at my child's school because that's because it has happened to me before. i would hope that the people involved will walk beside these children and the families for the years to come. they have years and years of healing that they're going to be facing. and i hope that we can come beside them and encourage them and focus positively on the lives of the ones that were lost. >> i want you to meet shawn grave
, connecticut, mourn. we now know the names of the victims of the school massacre. authorities releasing the list just a little while ago. we're also learning just how brutally they died. the medical examiner says, every one of the 26 victims were shot more than once, apparently with a semiautomatic. the relatives of the shooter are struggling to competent when the loss of life, including nancy, who was gunned down by her son. no word on a motive. police say they have found very good evidence at the school and at the lanza home. for more right now on the investigation, let's bring in our national correspondent, susan candiotti, here in newtown, connecticut. with all of us, she's working her sources. what's the latest, susan? >> reporter: hi, wolf. of course, the question is what move a 20-year-old young man to target so many innocent victims. investigator are looking everywhere for clues. for example, trying to fine anything he might have written down, trying to talk to family and friends, even retracing his steps to look for clues. investigators are learning more each day that may have
. >>> welcome back to our continuing coverage. you're looking at a town, nation in mourning. the president is live at newtown high school. you're looking inside where hundreds have gathered. many hundreds more still outside waiting for the beginning of this interfaith prayer service. that's to start at 7:00 eastern time. we're going to be bringing that to you live without interruption. we'll not be talking over it. it will all just playing out as the people inside are hearing it, you at home it can hear it and take part in it as well. the president is at the school in classrooms, meeting with various family members who have lost family members ats the school. teachers and administrators as well who have lost their lives, their families here in newtown simply overwhelmed with relief and gratitude. their children were inside the school. they made it out alive. among them, the likatas whose son aidan ran past the shooter and escaped. now they're grappling with the idea of telling their young son his teacher is gone. listen to what they had to say. we'll get you that sound a little bit. aidan'
me tell you everything that we know at this hour right now. as newtown mourns, police say they have identified all 20 children and six adulted killed at the school. they told us that the shooter forced his way into the school. and we just got this picture of him from our affiliate wfsb. and we just found out from a law enforcement official were that the suspect had some sort of altercation with people at the school just a few days before the killings. police say the suspect first shot and killed his mother, nancy, at her home before driving to the school and then opening fire. authorities tell us that they're making good progress in determining why this horrific crime happened. >> our investigators at the crime scene, the school and secondarily at the secondary crime scene that we discussed where the female was located deceased did produce some very -- a very good evidence in this investigation that our investigators will be able to use and hopefully painting the complete picture as to how and more importantly why this occurred. >> so tell you right now, police are also saying that
get started today. >>> the music industry along with millions of fans are mourning the loss of a powerful female voice. mexican star genie rivera was killed when her plane crashed in the mountains of northern mexico, early sunday. the impact was so severe, that pieces of the plane were found scattered across this wide area. at least five others were on board. some, her closest colleagues, were also killed. rivera had just finished performing in monterey, mexico, telling supporters she was happy with her life. ♪ ♪ >> beyond her 15 million records sold, she was a powerful economic force. she talked about her career with cnn espanol in 2010. >> translator: it is very flattering when they tell me i'm a great artist, a great entertainer, that when i'm on stage, i can entertain the audience, i can go into the recording studio and come up with a great production. before all that i was a business woman. i'm primarily business minded. >> speaking of the businesses, she started several reality shows. she was a judge on the popular tv show called "the voice mexico." and just in oct
and basically saved our lives. we debriefed extensively. we mourned. you know you mourn those that you lost. and you sort of then move on. but it's always with you. the anniversary's january 27, i remember it like it was yesterday. happened in 2004. richard's seen a lot of stuff in his career. something different, as it was with the ambush, certainly for me, it was personal. i had been in a bunch of firefight. these guys were trying to kill us, that's a personal thing. these guys were kidnapping them and they didn't know what was happening. it's different to being an observer. they're going to have to work through some of this. i'm glad that they're okay. it was worrying when we knew they were missing. >> what gave you the strength to go back out there after you experienced so much and seeing your colleagues gunned down? >> for me personally. >> yes. >> it was respect for our local staff. i didn't want to be the westerner who something bad happened and i ran away. i was back in six months because i wanted to go back and a sign of respect and solidarity. that's just for me. everybody's diffe
's a very, very difficult time, and everybody is still very much in mourning. wherever you go in this town, you can see signs of what has taken place not just in the center where you see the memorials but elsewhere. when you go and get a coffee, there are people dressed in mourning clothes coming from a funeral. when you drive the streets, you can see police cars that have been positioned in front of homes. four people today are buried, one of them the teacher lauren rosseau and her family is saying good buy. also three stints, allison wyatt, benjamin wheeler and katherine hubbard. they'll all be laid to rest today. they're roughly the same age as the gunman when he moved here and when he began his career at sandy hook lelementary school. there's a direct connection there. those children, however, everybody everywhere you go everyone is on the verge of tears. it will take a long time until everyone here gets over what has happened, if, in fact, that's even possible, suzanne. >> you're standing outside of the home of gunman. what are investigators looking for? what's the latest? >> reporter
is given. >>> the u.s. navy seals are again mourning the loss of one of their own. a military official tells cnn that commander job price died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. price was a commander officer of seal team 4, that's the unit with more than two dozen members that operates in central afghanistan. the official says there's no indication at this point that price was under any investigation or involved in any controversies. >>> former republican senator chuck hagel has not been nominated as defense secretary, but members of his own party already signaling an uphill confirmation battle if he is. barbara star has more on in surprising backlash. good morning to you. i think a lot of people thought after susan rice's nomination for secretary of state went away and everybody thought, okay, here's john kerry. he's going to sail through the confirmation process. so is chuck hagel. i think a lot of people were surprised by this news. what happened? >> well, you know, in the classic washington case, people are asking the question, was hagel a trial balloon being floated that's already
. >> a father in mourning speaking of compassion for others. what happened at that school is sadly just the latest on a long list of violent attacks with guns over the years. when we first heard what happened in connecticut, people probably thought about the other deadly shootings. joining me now is pastor rocky veach who was living near littleton, colorado, when the columbine attack occurred. what do you say for families who come to you and people in this community who weren't even having a loved one at that school but who just -- everybody feels affected. what do you say? >> yeah, as a christian, what can you say to start with? but as a christian, you tell them, there's hope in the lord. god knows where you're at. god cares for you and loves you. rather than saying a lot about jesus, trying to be like jesus. >> it seems, too, a lot of times just being there is important and listening is as important as what you say. >> yeah, very much so. that's what anybody needs in this kind of setting. and having been in this setting a time before, and actually i'm glad to be around to be able to h
in newtown, connecticut. a town in mourning to say the least. the images that we have seen throughout this town are heartbreaking. makeshift memorials on several street corners. everything from teddy bears to candles to flowers and angels' wings. it is a beautiful community here. just so quiet and pristine and you call it because what you can hear about newtown, connecticut, and it is so filled with grief. it is only the beginning, though, as this town prepares to bury those who were killed on friday. there will be so many burials. the first of the funerals begins today at 1:00 p.m. these would beautiful children, jack pinto, noah pozner. it is going to be a tragic several weeks. no one knew that more than president obama who came here to speak to this town at a touching memorial last night. >> surely we do better than this. if there is even one step we can take to save another child or another parent or another town from the grief that'ses have e visited tucson, aurora, oak creek and newtown, communities from columbine to blacksburg before that, surely we have an obligation to try.
of respect for the families and as a matter of common decency we have given time for mourning, prayer, and a full investigation of the facts before commenting. the nra is prepared to offer meaningful contributions to help make sure this never happens again. i think a lot of people look to that last part of the statement and wondering what exactly that means. in the meantime do we know if the white house is reaching out to the gun lobby. >> that's a good question. those would be strange bed fellows to say the least. however, what is note worthy is that the gun lobby's biggest supporters here on capitol hill have also been very loudly quiet if you will. they have been very mum, taking the nra's lead or going along the same strategy with the n republican ra but in private conversations i have had with the biggest advocates of gun rights, it is very surprising to me how willing they seem to be to go much further and legislating whether it is banning those high capacity ammunition rounds or anything of the sort, much, much different in terms of tone and ten or. >> dana bash standing by liv
, connecticut people are still mourning for the 20 children and six adults who were killed when a gunman burst into their school and opened fire. this round-the-clock vigil is under way in remembrance of the shooting victims. a candle was lit in honor of each of them. volunteers are asked to take half hour shifts to keep the candles burning. the vigil started at midnight and will continue until 11:59 tonight. the tragedy in newtown was followed by an outpouring of support from around the world and from nearby communities. today the entire newtown police department is actually getting christmas day off thanks to the generosity of their fellow officers. police from neighboring towns volunteered to fill in so that newtown officers could spend christmas with their families. joining us on the phone newtown police chief michael kehoe. he has been through quite a lot and your officers have been through quite a lot as well as the community. give us a sense of what this means for them to simply be with their own loved ones, their own kids in this time of recovery and grief. >> you are absolutely correc
snapped. now as the city mourns, sportscaster bob costas goes off on gun control. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. an entire town evacuated after a shocking discovery involving explosives. >>> plus, he's on the run. but john mcafee talks to cnn after martin savidge goes on this bizarre adventure to reach him. >>> and joining me live, the ceo of ford, on what he told president obama behind closed doors about the fiscal cliff. n 315 horsepower. what's that in reindeer power? [ laughing ] [ stops laughing ] [ male announcer ] chevy's giving more. this holiday season, trade up to get the 2012 chevy silverado all-star edition for 0% apr financing for 60 months plus $2,000 cash allowance or get a total value of $9,000. anne's tablet called my phone. anne's tablet was chatting with a tablet in sydney... a desktop in zurich... and a telepresence room in brazil. the secure cloud helped us get some numbers from my assistant's pc in new york. and before i reached the top, the board meeting became a congrats we sold the company party. wait til my wife's phone hears about this. [ cellphone vi
and as a matter of common decency we have given time for mourning, prayer and a full investigation of the facts before commenting. the nra is prepared to offer meaningful contributions to help make sure this never happens again, end quote. cnn's george howell is following the politics and power of the nra. david mattingly shows us how talk of gun control is triggering a spike in gun sales. george, let's begin with you and the nra. what does it mean by meaningful contributions? >> carol, fair to say, it's an open ended statement. and since that statement, since the shooting, the nra has been silent. we know their facebook page, they took that down briefly. their twitter account also went cold. now both are back up. touting this big announcement friday. what that big announcement will be we have yet to see. again, we know their website is also up and run ing. you played just a moment ago a bit of this -- this program called cannon company. that's a web cast that appears on the website. let's listen to just a little bit more of that to get reaction to what happened in newtown. >> what do we see co
this time of national mourning. over at walmart, they're no longer advertising the bushmaster ar-15, that's the one used in the newtown shooting. they're no longer advertising that weapon on the web. but what walmart does say is you can still buy it at select locations. keep in mind, walmart is one of the biggest gun dealers in the world. and high capacity magazines and guns like semi-automatic military style rifles, they are the fastest growing part of the market. just looking at walmart's website, there are hundreds of weapons listed on there. the bushmaster ar-15 is no longer listed on bass pro shop's site either but you can view it on cabellias. retailers wanting to distance themselves from the tragedy and that's why they're making the changes, don. >> allison, gunmaker stocks tumbling today? >> they are. we're seeing several shares falling. gun stocks. anywhere from 8% to 10%. the big worry here is that not only will you see big regulations go on guns, but people will start to shy away from buying them as well. as far as investors feel as far as because of the tragedy that happened.
. webster, new york, mourning two firefighters today after they were shot and killed while respond og a fire on christmas eve. mike chaparini has been named firefighter of the year and also a police lieutenant and his partner, tom welcome had joined the department about a year ago and two other volunteer firefighters were wounded in one of them called for help as you can hear in this chaotic 911 recording. the shooter, william spangler was convict of the killing his grandmother decades ago. he was found dead at the scene. >>> nelson mandela spending christmas day in the hospital. the 94-year-old former south african president has been battling a lung infection and also had gallstones removed. the president, said he looks better and the doctors are happy with his progress. >>> in money news, instagram still feeling the sting from user outrage after the photo sharing app changed its terms of service. instagram has been hit with a class-action lawsuit filed in san francisco federal court. the lawsuit was filed on friday despite instagram saying it was modifying parts of the new policy and would
, there will be enormous amounts of mourning, and it will be great loss, but he's been responsible for creating a country stable enough to cope with his loss. and that the younger generation which included people like the granddaughters would carry his torch. so suzanne, i hope i'm sitting on the couch with you again on july 18th for his 95th birthday. >> that would be very nice. i would certainly hope that happens. nadia, thank you very much. i appreciate it. and if you want to see more, tune into cnn's "early start weekend" for nadia's full interview with mandela's granddaughters. that's tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. eastern. >>> and u.s. army general whose temper earned him the name stormin' norman has died. general norman schwarzkopf was one of the most celebrated leaders in the post-vietnam era. he led forces in kuwait after "operation desert storm." the retired general died yesterday in tampa, florida. president obama says the country has lost an american original. he was 78 years old. >>> in the philippines, at least 11 people are dead after a tropical cyclone slammed the central part of the country. the
or click today. ♪ >>> a town and a nation in mourning. but at the same time, a pew families here in newtown are overwhelmed with grief and gratitude. this couple had would children inside of the school and they both made it out alive. they say their son ran past the shooter and escaped. now the couple is grappling with the challenge of telling him his teacher is gone. >> he's reassuring himself she is going to be okay. he really, really, really cared about his teacher. he was very close with her. she really loved them. he keeps saying i really hope she's okay. i hope it is not her. he missouri that she's been hurt but doesn't know the end result. he missouri the kids that he saw getting shot, he doesn't know the outcome. so i think he's reassuring himself in his 6-year-old mind, i know he is processing it, but -- i think he is reassuring himself. telling himself it is going to be okay. >> aaden's teacher was victoria soto who placed herself in front of her students before the gunman shot her. 27 years old. how do you talk to any child who has been traumatized? how do you talk to them? let's
and this mourning for this wonderful guy and just what could have happened? and he must have snapped and maybe it was repeated head injuries, whatever. and there was just not the mention of kasandra, and finally there was one tweet from a second baseman of the royals who said, hey, we need to remember, we need to remember her. >> and why she might have died. police don't know for a fact, but people seem to be leaning towards domestic violence. i think in this country we're still confused by domestic violence for some reason. >> i think we are, too, and honestly, i didn't realize just how pervasive of a problem it is. it really is an epidemic. i discovered yesterday that 1 in 4 women will be affected in some way by domestic violence or the new term is intimate partner violence, and an average of three women a day are killed by a boyfriend or a husband. so two other women died on saturday besides kasandra, and i actually found a website that told who they were. there was a woman in chula vista, california, with a 3-year-old whose boyfriend stabbed her. and a 32-year-old woman who was shot by her
-fire. ceo and founder of gamer fit nation calling for a day of mourning. one week after that newtown elementary school shooting. gamers across the world putting down their controllers as video games and gun violence are under the microscope because of what happened a week ago. in a statement to the nation today, that was, as you can see here, interrupted by not just one but two protesters, the nra pointed a finger at violent video games. >> there exists in this country, sadly, a callous, corrupt and corrupting shadow industry that sells and stows violence against its own people. through vicious, violent video games with names like bullet storm, grant theft auto, mortal combat, and splatter house. >> and then there is this. a 12-year-old boy loves his video games, loives in all placs newtown, connecticut. he decided this week he didn't want to kill anyone in just a game. he wants other kids to do the same. that young man joins me now. max goldstein and his stepbrother jackson middleton, stepdad craig middleton. i want to express, of course, our sympathies to a lot of the families ther
of mexican music. people are mourning the loss of jenni rivera. a 43-year-old singer and reality star died in a plane crash over the weekend along with everyone else on board. men who gave rivera her big break reflects on what her music meant to her fans. >> in mexico, she represents a lot of ladies that, they cannot talk loud. they cannot say their feelings, so the public feel represented by jenni rivera, but the letters, the lyrics of the songs. >> our senior latin american affairs editor, rafael romo, is here and rafael, tell us more about what her music meant to her fans and this was an extraordinary person. >> she had a very powerful voice, first of all, and i think her fans will remember her for empowering women. as our guest was saying just a few moments ago, but i think people will remember her for her ability to connect. she was as popular with mexican americans here in the united states, just as popular as she was in mexico. they called her dina and for anyone who called her on stage, it was easy to see why. she sang heart wrenching ballads that spoke to the common woman, especia
was the matriarch, of course, of the media family to be with rupert, her son. she's going to be mourned by a lot of people that she helped. >> there were more than 100 -- we were reading 100 charities that she was involved in. >> absolutely. >> even dealing with kids and health and education and all the things. what really inspired her? what drove her? >> it is a remarkable -- 100 organizations. they say countless thousands of individuals that she helped along the way either through those groups or individually dispensing advice, money, you know, helping people out. the work she did with the hospitals was huge. the children's hospital in melbourne, a research center as well. i think it gives the answer to your question was she said when she was 99 she said looking out for people is the most important thing in life and is the most rewarding. happiness, i think, lies in thought for other people and trying to help them. i mean, whenever you think of rupert murdock or whatever else, this was a lovely lady. >> what does she think of her son's endeavors in the media and all the controversy around the
. this is going on right now. millions mourning mexican-american superstar killed in a plane crash in mexico. she was known for her traditional style of music. take a listen. ♪ >> that is one of her biggest hits, why don't you try it? she released more than a dozen albums over her career and had 15 plalt numb and 5 double platinum report reasonable doubts. search crews are back to look for rivera's remains in that wreckage, six others also died in that crash. the plane crashed in a remote mountainous area in northern mexico near the city of monterrey. investigators don't know the cause yet, and raphael romo looks at awho this mexican-american superstar was to her fans and country. >> reporter: they called her diva, and for anyone who ever saw her on stage, it was easy to see why. she sang heart-wrenching ballots that spoke to the common woman, especially mexican-american. >> reporter: every song, every lyric, i think of them and how to relate with them with my music. >> reporter: she was born in long beach, california to mexican parents, their story of many mexican immigrants of humble origins.
border are mourning the death of singer jenni rivera, crews are combing through the wreckage trying to figure out what caused it go down and crash in northern mexico. investigators say they have found human remains at the crash site but her family continues to hold on to a sliver of a hope for a miracle. >> in our eyes, we still have faith that my sister will be okay. we have no confirmation of her body being recovered. dead or alive, i'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, all the fans that have supported my family, that have supported our sister. we just ask for a little bit of patience and understanding of you guys. our family's going through a very difficult time. we are strong and we will continue to stay strong and we thank god for the live that he has given my daughter -- i mean my sister, for all of the triumphs and suck is hes that she has had and we expect there to be more in the future. >> we're told her family will be going to mexico. police say collecting evidence at the scene could take up to ten days. >>> and the australian radio station behind that prank c
that they're going to leave, we mourn that only in the fact that it is making this place even more polarized than it already is. i think joe lieberman is a perfect example of that, suzanne. >> what's his next move now? do we know what he plans to do? >> you know, he has children. he has grandchildren. he has a wife who he was just mentioning that he absolutely aadoa ador adores. i would expect him to, even though it's cliche, spend time with his family. he's been a public servant for most of his life. he can make a lot more money than he did here in the united states senate. the other thing about lieberman that probably is important to talk about is that he is as far as i know the only orthodox jew, certainly the only orthodox jew in the senate. that has made him an even more unconventional senator, because there have been times where he has to work on the sabbath and he lives in georgetown. we're on capitol hill. that is miles and miles away. i don't know exactly how many. it's a very long walk, and he even in the snow or the rain, he had been known to walk to work because orthodox jews don
's really one of the most extraordinary singers. she had a reality show and a lot of people really mourning her loss and missing rell activ rel weren't sure she was dead, but we know that her remains were found. the remains of her publicist and plane's co-pilot have also been identified. >>> is the government watching you? that is the question. the answer, yes. if at the present tiit wants to. that's aaccording to the wall street juournal. there are new rules that allow the national counterterrorism center to examine the government files of u.s. citizens for possible criminal behavior and even if there's no reason to suspect them. it was created back in 2004 specifically to use data to connect the dots in the fight against terrorism. i want to bring in julian who wrote the article for the "wall street journal." really fascinating. a lot of people are aalarmed by what we have learned. you spent a lot of time looking at how the rules have changed. before it used to be the national counterterrorism center could not store this information and use this information about ordinary americans unless
the tragedy in columbine. almost 6 years since virginia tech, and now we all mourn the massacre that occurred in connecticut last friday. we cannot continue to be passive when the only person who's armed in a school shooting situation is the shooter himself, the psychopath. what i'm suggesting is that we set up -- >> okay, go ahead. i'm sorry. >> what i'm suggesting is that we have campus responders, two or three volunteers, that are on the staff, whether administrators or teachers or staff members hopefully maybe prior military, prior law enforcement, but people who are trained who will be armed and when the first shot is fired on the next campus, they can respond and meet lethal force with lethal force. >> dennis, a lot of studies have been done that when you have more guns in people's hands, so many accidents happen, misfires, people get ahold of these guns even if they try to put them in a safe place and lock them up, that it only turns to more violence. i mean, how would you actually control or prevent something like that from happening if you introduce weapons inside of a school? >> wel
after a mass the shooting. there's public mourning. but the anger from the american people, they are fed up with the gun violence that we're seeing in our country. anger from people are fed up with the gun lobby, the tactics they use down here in washington. the anger from the people to be very honest with you fed up with the lack of courage, the lack of courage here in washington to take a stand, to do something. >> mccarthy says this time is different, because president obama is standing behind efforts to strengthen gun control policies. as you can tell, the shooting in newtown putting the gun debate front and center. the second amendment says we have the right to bear arms, but should we? >> america is not the wild west that you are depicting. we only have the problem in our cities and unhappily in our schools where people like you have been able to get laws put on the books that keep people from being able to defend themselves. i honestly don't understand it. ♪ ...could end with adding a close friend. the lexus december to remember sales event is on. this is the pursuit of perfecti
, this sweet sleepy new england town of newtown mourns, the kindness of total strangers has become as much a part of the story here as what happened last friday morning. people, perhaps you include in this, rallying behind this town, like the act that started this facebook page. it is called 100 cups of coffee. this is what one california man paid for, 100 cups of coffee at this newtown coffee spot. his act has generated so many people doing the same, folks across the country, paying for candy, paying for hot chocolate, all for the people in newtown. >> i wanted to do more than donate a few dollars. my mom always taught us, when somebody's grieving, you send prayers and food. can't really afford to buy them all breakfast right now. i can buy them a cup of coffee. you heal. we'll do the rest of this stuff. it is just our way. it goes both ways. their tragedy can come to us, but, you know, with technology and media, we can go to them and help. >> and that is just one of the efforts people making teddy bears, sending care boxes, the generosity is going beyond newtown. on twitter, there are a
the victims mourn with that. and to help them, not to destroy their lives. >> if convicted, nouel alba faces up to five years in prison and $250,000 fine. >>> for the second time this month, a man has been shoved to his death at a subway station in new york city. witnesses say a woman was pacing on the platform as a train approached before pushing the man to his death last night. the body was pinned under the train. his identity has not been released. police describe the suspect as a heavy set woman in her 20s, security video shows her running from the scene. earlier this month, a 58-year-old man was shoved to his death at a times square station and a homeless man was charged in the case. >>> just ahead on cnn, the fallout from dozens of american families in the process of adopting children from russia as russia's president imposes an adoption ban. >>> is this pay back? that's what many are thinking after russia imposes a ban on adoptions by u.s. families. it was signed into law by president vladimir putin. more than 50 children were in the final stages of the adoption process when the bill
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